Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision:


Student Learning and catering for individual needs is our central focus.

We maximise the use of available resources in providing a productive learning environment.

We encourage all members of the school community to achieve their potential. 



Our Mission:


To create a progressive learning environment where students can achieve their maximum potential.

Our Values:


Integrity We are honest and trustworthy in all dealings with individuals and the community and encourage the personal integrity of individuals.
Self Development We provide an environment which promotes the development of the whole student by encouraging self-discipline, self-esteem, health and hygiene, communicative skills and positive relationships.
Teamwork We value the conttibutions of all and support the participation and cooperation of the school community in all aspects of school life.
Success Orientation We promote excellence in everything we do through high expectations and continuous improvement along with encouragement of risk taking and the acquisition of knowledge.
Pride We are proud of our efforts and achievements.
Respect We respect and appreciate the rights, property, culture, ideas and viewpoints of others. We are environmentally aware. We will aim to resolve conflicts quickly and fairly.