Tutor Learning Initiative



In 2022 & 2023 Mortlake College has been given the opportunity to run an intervention program as part of the Victorian Government’s Tutor Learning Initiative (TLI).  The program is a yearlong response, designed to support those students whose learning may have been significantly impacted during the pandemic. 


Eligibility for the program


All staff members of Mortlake College keep the needs of each individual student at the heart of all they do.  Through careful data collection, planning and implementation of learning, both in whole class and small group settings, we are able to thoroughly cater for the individual needs of the majority of students on a daily basis in the classroom. 


Given the tight parameters set by the Department of Education & Training (DET) for the program, the school has developed a staged response that will involve a range of students participating throughout the course of the year.  Student selection has been a thorough and comprehensive process, driven by analysis of student learning data.  It is a fluid program and students will take part for varying time periods depending on their needs. 


Outline of the Program 


The program itself involves the withdrawal of students from the classroom for targeted sessions based on their individual learning needs.  Classroom teachers have formulated individual plans based on data, and the intervention teacher plans for and implements sessions based solely on these goals.  Student progress is monitored week to week by the intervention teacher who shares information with classroom teachers and teams so that they remain informed.  Being a fluid program, it may be common for students to move in and out to meet individual needs.  


Teachers will be in contact with families of the students participating in the program**


**Please note that the funding provided to Mortlake College is in accordance with a percentage of students DET has identified.  This means we are unable to support individual requests from families for inclusion in the program.  If you have concerns around your child’s progress, please contact your child’s teacher to develop strategies whereby the school can work with you to support your child.