Mortlake P-12 College encourages all students to experience a range of Humanities subjects. Through the CORE and elective system offered at year 7-10, students participate in a 2-year subject cycle. This enables them to develop both expertise and the critical thinking skills necessary to solve the pressing issues of our age. The Humanities curriculum is incorporated into the F-5 school curriculum program. All students in Year 6-10 participate in a CORE Humanities subject. In addition to this, students are also able to participate in elective Humanities Units through the Year 7-10 elective system.



Students investigate and examine human and physical geography. They explore sustainability and how our world is changing. There are several opportunities for students to conduct surveys and fieldwork in South-West Victoria. In Geography students develop critical thinking, analysis and mapping skills.



History students explore a variety of different topics across Years 7-10, including the age of the Vikings, the rise and fall of the Aztecs, WWII in the Pacific and the Holocaust. Learners analyse the different perspectives of those in the past, participate in debates about historical questions, look at the causes and effects of events and develop their own independent inquiries.


VCE 20th Century History:

As part of Unit 1&2 Twentieth Century History, students investigate a range of different topics, including the rise and fall of the Weimar Republic, Nazi ideology, the Holocaust, Cold War and Arab-Israeli conflict. Students have an opportunity to visit the Jewish Holocaust Centre and Jewish Museum as part of this course as well as Zoom with prominent academics at the Yad Vashem World Holocaust Memorial Museum in Israel.


Assessment at this level includes a combination of:

  • A historical inquiry.
  • An analysis of primary sources.
  • An analysis of historical interpretations.
  • An extended response. 


History students develop skills in creative and analytical thinking, communication expertise, and leadership that may lead to careers in:

  • Journalism, advertising, public relations. 
  • Politician, political staffer, speech writer.
  • Barrister, lawyer, solicitor.
  • International development, aid work.
  • Academia, teaching, instructional design.

VCE Legal Studies:

This subject examines the institutions and principles which are essential to Australia’s legal system. Students develop an understanding of the rule of law, law-makers, key legal institutions, rights protection in Australia and the justice system.