Teaching & Learning Focus

Our School Wide Goals: 


  • Optimise learning growth for all students
  • To Improve literacy outcomes for all students
  • Empower all students as active learners


Mortlake P-12 College builds the capacity of Practice Excellence (Excellence in teaching & learning, curriculum planning & assessment) by providing high levels of academic, social & emotional learning for all our students. This involves close collaboration between staff, the development of Individual Learning Plans/snapshots and understanding and teaching to each student’s Zone of Proximal Development.  The School focus is on ensuring learning is personalized and reflects a deep knowledge of the students’ capabilities.


Key teaching & learning focus areas include:

  • Development & implementation of a guaranteed & viable curriculum (Victorian Curriculum)
  • Development & implementation of formative and summative assessment approaches
  • Observation & reflection of teaching & learning instructional practices
  • Whole school approach to assessment, moderation, tracking, analysis and validation of data to measure the growth of each learner

Cycles of Inquiry conducted for students each term that develop deeper intervention and learning goal strategies


PLC (Professional Learning Communities)
At Mortlake P-12 College we operate as a Professional Learning Community, where all teachers work collaboratively to achieve better outcomes for all of our students. 


The three Big Ideas of a Professional Learning Community are:

1.    A Focus on Learning

2.    A Culture of Collaboration

3.    A Focus on Results