Darlington Bus Information

Purcells Road Closure.
Alternate Bus Route as of 3rd November 2022

We have been in contact with Department of Transport and are able to alter the current Darlington Bus route due to the road closure on Purcells Lane. The bus will leave Mortlake, go along Terang/Mortlake Road and turn down Grinters Lane Kolora, along Moloneys Road Kolora and then back up to Terang/Darlington Road, across Castlecarey Road and continue the normal route from there. 

The times are as follows:

Corner Williamson Lane & Terang/Mortlake Road


Afternoon: 3.30pm

1040 Darlington/Terang Road

Morning: 8.03am


Hamilton Highway/Darlington Road Corner:

Morning: 8.12am

Afternoon: 3.52pm

3947 Hamilton Highway:

Morning: 8.18am

Afternoon: 3.59pm