Dundonnell Bus Information

Mortlake College Bus Information

Dear Parents/Carers,


Due to the recent heavy rain and the impact of flooding to local roads, the Dundonnell bus has been temporarily suspended. It is important to note that we are not allowed to travel on different roads other than what our normal bus route specifies. We have sought advice from the Department of Transport and Coles Coaches and are therefore making the following changes to the normal bus run for the next period of time whilst certain roads continue to be impacted. 



Revised Dundonnell Bus Route as of Tuesday 18th October:


The bus will leave Mortlake and travel down the Mortlake Ararat Road to Woorndoo and then turn around and return to Mortlake.

We are keeping the times the normal times to avoid further confusion.


Please note this revised bus route will be used until further notice.

We do appreciate and thankyou for your understanding with the proposed changes to the bus run. 


The stops and times for the Dundonnell Bus are:


Mondilibi  (1111 Mortlake Ararat Road)   

Morning    7.40am

Afternoon  3.45pm


Allens  (1731 Mortlake Ararat Road)

Morning     7.45am

Afternoon   3.48pm


Woorndoo  Stop (2207 Mortlake Ararat Road)

 Morning       7.50am

Afternoon:     3.52pm


Stanley Street Woorndoo

Morning           7.51am

Afternoon        3.53pm

North Road Stop (Corner North Road/Ararat Road)
Morning         8.20am
Afternoon      3.40pm
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call me on 03 5599 2204
Kind regards 
Sean Fitzpatrick
Mortlake College